How did it go? Take a look for more on the Fashion High Tea at Zen Garden #FHT2014

The Fashion High Tea 2014, annually held at Zen Garden in Kitisuru, was truly a gathering of a wide array of people coming there to shop, for fashion, to socialize and spend a Saturday afternoon looking their very best in sundresses, hats, men in jackets and all together stylish. The Fashion High Tea 2014 chose this year to support the First Lady’s Beyond Zero Campaign to raise funds to purchase and deploy mobile clinics across the country as a means to provide prenatal, delivery and postnatal services to the underprivileged.

The turnout for this year was notable. Considering the torrential downpour, people were not dissuaded nor deterred. They came out and by virtue of their attendance supported the above Beyond Zero Campaign.

We have put together a story showing you how Fashion High Tea 2014 went down this year told by the very people who were there. Inside story perhaps? Take a look…

Read more to hear the views, photos and more on this year’s Fashion High Tea 2014 #FHT2014 held at Zen Garden


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