Moral Conscious Fashion! – we care about where our clothes come from – Fashion Revolution Day! #InsideOut

It’s been one year since the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh killing around 1,130 people who had been ordered back to work even after huge cracks were discovered in its walls. This spurred the ethical fashion discourse where we vigilance was encouraged to be aware of the supply chain of the products we choose to purchase. The ethical fashion movement is growing in momentum by thinking about the factories the clothes we wear emanate from.

Fair trade pioneer Carry Somers, fashion activist Lucy Siegal and Livia Firth have declared April 24th an annual Fashion Revolution Day where people will be encouraged to wear their clothes inside-out in protest to the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse. Carry Sommers stated, “we want people talking about the provenance of clothes…raising awareness of the fact that we aren’t purchasing a garment, but a whole chain of value and relationships. FRD will become a platform for best practice – for brands to show off what they are doing to improve things.”

See how the world has responded today on Fashion Revolution Day!

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