We believe in Kenya

We are changing the perception of the Kenyan Fashion Industry by rebranding positively the country and the continent of Africa

Redefining the African Story

We encourage the importance in supporting local in our community as a powerful tool of self-expression and economic opportunity.

Africa is cool!

We invest in what we believe - this country and all it has to offer. Let's build this country together.

What we do


Creating Awareness - Magazine

Contributing to wealth creation and future profitability of the Kenyan Fashion Industry through our online fashion magazine sharing their stories and helping you get to know them better.


Growing the Economy

TDS makes the most of the growth of Kenya’s consumer spending set to rise to $38 Billion by 2020 and steering fashion purchases towards local investment rather than buying into foreign goods.


Empowering Others

TDS provides a selling and awareness creating platform in our store for fashion designers to increase their market share in the fashion industry in Kenya. Buying into TDS means buying in them.


Delivering unique Kenyan and African stories #tdsvoices

Passionate about Africa

We are passionate about Africa, storytelling about Africa and promoting local and African brands. This passions flows in everything we do.

Buy Kenya | Build Kenya

TDS sells a lifestyle, a story and shift in mentality. We strive to redefine the African story. We must believe in ourselves first before the world can believe in us.

Telling their stories

We feature stories and interviews about fashion brands and fashion professionals doing amazing work in Kenya and on the Continent to showcase, promote and celebrate the fashion industry.

Changing the Narrative

We are driven by the passion, creativity and talent in Kenya and in Africa. TDS strives to showcase quality Kenyan brands that should be celebrated, promoted and that we should be proud to take to the rest of world.

Image © Odaomo Kenya-Peter Irungu. Read about this brand here.

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Since our foundation in October 2013 our goal has been to showcase, celebrate and promote the local fashion industry

The unfortunate circumstance over a long period of time is that as Africans and Kenyans, we have been scarred by our past and present negative perceptions to the point that they have become our identity. Komal Afeke Dumor, in his TED talk, stated: “the narrative will always glorify the hunter until the Lion itself learns how to write. It’s not so much about what the international media does but what you write about yourself.” As TDS, we believe that we need to tell our own story to the world, our Africa, our countries’ stories and life experiences from our point of view.

This is who we are!

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