A Darwinian theory of beauty: the many layers of beauty

A Darwinian theory of beauty: the many layers of beauty #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

For a couple of weeks now, we at TDS have been discussing make-up artists and  all things makeup. The makeup world is exciting because it touches on so many industries including fashion, TV, magazines and even theatre. In actuality for many, make-up is synonymous to beauty.

A Darwinian theory of beauty: the many layers of beauty #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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However, as much as make-up is a wonderful tool for beauty and transformation, it does not define what beauty is. Make-up is and should be a facilitator, it helps a person outline certain features, for example, eyes with eyeliner and lips with lipstick. Nonetheless, what make-up should not be is a crutch, something you should depend on to feel beautiful.

These days, it is hard to define beauty without glancing at the media because the media is so deeply entrenched into our daily lives. Still, the sad thing about looking at the media to define beauty is that today’s media narrowly defines what is considered attractive. In most movies, shows, magazines, there are certain qualities that are considered beautiful, certain body shape, skin tone, hair texture and even eye color.

Thus, with our generation being constantly bombarded with these messages it is easy to understand why it is difficult for a plump, short, braces wearing girl to believe you when you tell her she is truly beautiful. It is not her fault, it is what the world shows her every day on television, in music videos and magazines. For her, beauty is the runway model, the Angelina Jolie, beauty does not look like her. Some might be tempted to tell her that, while some cultures might find Angelina Jolie beautiful, others might not, that ultimately, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”  But is it that simple?

In order to better explain the complication of beauty and culturally-conditioned beauty, below is a TedTalk by the late Denis Dutton. Dutton was a philosopher and published author of “The Art Instinct,” who died in 2010.

In this TedTalk, which was filmed in 2010, he collaborated with animator Andrew Park to talk about a theory on beauty and not just of people, but art, music, movies and so forth. Dennis Dutton delivered a thought-provoking exploration of our perception of beauty and what it means to us humans.

Check out the talk:

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