Who we are


The Brand

We are a Kenyan lifestyle premium fashion brand that connects you to the world of Fashion & Design in Kenya shedding light on a new African reality through content and commerce.


The Reason

Inspired to create accessibility and knowledge of the Kenyan fashion brands, TDS was created to search, tell their story and bring them closer to the consumer.

Kenya is our home - We choose to build and celebrate it in all we do
Our Mission

To realize the African possibility, bring about a change in lifestyle and attitude by living and loving Africa.

Komal Afeke Dumor, in his TED talk, stated: “the narrative will always glorify the hunter until the Lion itself learns how to write. Its not so much about what the international media does but what you write about yourself.” As Kenyans, we need to tell our own story to the world, our Africa, our countries’ stories and life experiences from our point of view.

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Our Dedication

To this beautiful continent that we live in. To the boundless opportunities, landscapes and diversity in people and culture, Africa is our home and has spurred us on to speak on her behalf.

With everything that she has given us, its time to give back, protect and change her story.

Understanding the situation

Kenya has great potential to serve the global, domestic and regional markets from its pool of fashion designers and small tailors.

What does it mean for a country to be deemed a fashion destination? How do we as Kenyans change the narrative that Kenyan made is low quality and should be cheap?

Impact of Fashion

The fashion industry is one that highly regarded, impactful and spoken of in the international community. Notably, because fashion merchandise stimulates local economies by providing jobs from the designers, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, producers of textile and artisans (to name a few) – we are committed to building the Kenyan fashion industry.

Our Opportunity

We at TDS hope that we will inspire, spur meaningful discussions and contribute to the industry and perhaps encourage us, as Kenyans, to keep pushing for an economically viable, strong and impactful local fashion industry. “Our children may learn about the heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves the architects of the future.” – 1st President of the Republic of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta

“TDS is not about fashion in the frivolous way that some people might assume it to be but rather geared to highlight the business of fashion and also change perceptions about the Continent, being proud of what we have locally and owning that.”

Be part of this change
Fashion & Design
Read up on the interesting journeys of designers and how they create and produce

Join us on our journey into discovering what new designers we are excited about and the new collections coming out. Covering Fashion and Design developments in Kenya and on the Continent. We will look into new ideas, new trends, new designers, new technology and what to expect.

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"My Bonded Valentine" Magiq Lens shoot inspired by 50 Shades of Grey..."The Fear of Trying New Things" Magiq Lens [Part II] Image (C)MagiqLensKenya
There is more than meets the eye

Photography is essential in the fashion business with photographers being one of the key stakeholders. Because fashion is such a visual business, photography is the best means to communicate that visual element about one’s brand, collection, and story to get the consumer involved and to therefore take an action.

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Future of Fashion
The role of technology in fashion innovation

It is well known that technology has literally changed our lives. Technology is going to turn the entire fashion industry inside out” and taking note of the digital revolution in fashion which they said it would present the biggest challenge. The question they asked was “[h]ow will an industry where value is communicated by exclusivity and craft cope with this new space?”

Technological advancement has not only posed the biggest challenge but also created the greatest opportunities in innovation. With technology, we have produced wearable tech, art fusing with design through tech-based systems and operations, improved functionality and efficiency and even perhaps less waste from fast fashion.

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Fashion Brandiing 101 #Business Talk #TDSvoices
Business Essentials
Educating future creatives to create strong businesses

Fashion is a Business. It is not a hobby or side gig. It’s not a competition on who can design the craziest boldest outfit or piece of jewelry and win some award or mention in the newspaper. You are fashion designers, photographers, stylists etc.. and you have customers who ultimately will put food on your table. Look around you and start to think of your brand realistically, practically and either as a business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) Company. Want to know how to transform your business and make it stronger – this is the place for you.

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