The Designers Studio (TDS) is a company based in Kenya running on two platforms.

The first is an online platform to showcase, promote and celebrate the Kenyan fashion industry. We speak to and showcase the work of designers and photographers as well as speak to varying industry professionals/stakeholders. We additionally touch on issues regarding the Kenyan fashion industry. We believe that conversation is a means to share knowledge, to discuss the challenges and to support each other. We also launched #tdsvoices #fashionke on Twitter: a platform to promote and discuss matters in the Kenyan fashion industry.”

The second platform is a carefully curated retail store stocking the best Kenyan fashion designers focusing on apparel and accessories.

We must invest, support and buy into our own products.

We have all that we need in this country to build a nation that can be so fruitful we will no longer be dependent on anyone and will rather give out because we have in plenty. Let us then, stop placing our trust on temporary factors and concentrate on the matter at hand.We must invest, support and buy into our own products. By doing so, we shall encourage each other to build great businesses, pour money into the country, create jobs, implement strategies and products that we shall inevitably begin to show the world that Africa is not the black continent but truly the land of the free, of opportunity and of greatness.

But we must believe in ourselves first before the world can believe in us

This is why TDS exists. This is not one person’s fight; it is ours, all of us who live within these borders.

What will you do to change that?

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Office: Tel: (+254) 716 972 992

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Twitter: @FashionKE
Instagram: @thedesignersstudio | @shoptds

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Two Rivers Mall, Off Limuru Road – Ground Floor
Work with us and find your voice – we are looking for contributors to add their voice and some stylist writers to show how to wear Kenya from the brands in store. Is that you?

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To bring you the best of Kenyan designers, we assembled an awesome team to bring you the best experience possible. Energetic, passionate and lovers of Africa, this group of people are able to work together for one common purpose: redefining the African story. We may be a little nuts but we are promise that we get the job done.

T: +254 716 972 992


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