Around the world in 100 Years of Beauty

Around the world in 100 Years of Beauty #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

Truth to be told, there aren’t many documentaries on make-up or make-up artists in general. The few documentaries out there are on fashion and perhaps a few on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. However, on YouTube, there are tons of make-up Vloggers to inspire and motivate you as an artist. Moreover, the best part of these videos is that they are free! If you are looking for a series to inspire, motivate and educate you on the world of beauty and make-up, there is an awesome series on YouTube called a 100 Years of Beauty that showcases beauty over the ages from different countries, India, Korea and Russia to name a few.

Around the world in 100 Years of Beauty #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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There has been some criticism about the fluffy representation of women, for example in the videos, women look happy, clean and pretty, almost unaffected by history throughout the years. In one video featuring a Korean, the North Korean looks almost too content and unaltered by her surrounding, which has led to some people calling the women featured in 100 Years of Beauty  fake. One woman, Karolina Żebrowska produced the piece in response to the “100 Years of Beauty” series click here to view the video.

“I felt that the other videos were completely unrealistic and there was a sense of fakeness that really irritated me,” Żebrowska justifies.

Despite the criticism, a lot of process goes into producing one video on 100 Years of Beauty  including researching specific eras by looking at ads, propaganda, and popular media. Christopher Chan from Cut, the channel responsible for producing the series, points out that Cut generally focuses on beauty ideals in popular culture. However, for the project the keystone is to show the construction and destruction of different looks from various countries in history.  They are also very diverse in their representation featuring different cultures from all around the world, and their concept of beauty. Nonetheless we are still waiting for a video featuring a woman representing an African country  but we will have to wait and see.

So far, the series has 12 episodes; the latest one being on men beauty, of course since it is men, there is not a lot of make-up involved and the video focuses on the grooming of American men over the past century.

Although the videos are short, each around a minute long, it is a fascinating series on beauty, transformation and the art of make-up.

Check out one episode of the series:

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