Black Women Make-up Faux Pas

Black Women Make-up Faux Pas #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

Make-up is not just for professionals, every person who applies makeup on their face, is a make-up artist in their own right. In fact, even if you don’t wear make-up due to religious or personal reasons, perhaps at one point or another you have been asked to apply make-up on a friend or colleague. The application of make-up, fun as it might be, can either be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use it. The key to make-up is to enhance your flattering features and play down the rest. However, some black women forget this key rule and go absolutely crazy with make-up, results varying from clown faces to someone who looks like they were dragged through paint. At some point, some of us have made blunders as we applied make-up, but that’s okay, the problem is to keep repeating those mistakes. Here are the most important things to avoid as you go through your makeup routine.

Black Women Make-up Faux Pas #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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Foundation: Know your skin tone

To be honest, the number one mistake that some black women make is application of foundation. [bctt tweet=”There are two ways that some women butcher up the foundation application process. “]Firstly, by layering on their foundation and, secondly, by choosing a foundation that doesn’t match their skin tone. I have seen beautiful dark skinned women who start applying foundation and come out looking like a ghost from a Nigerian film. When you apply foundation that is too light for your skin it is blatantly obvious, you are not hiding anything. Moreover, adding extra layers of foundation doesn’t hide your skin problems, in actuality it makes them more evident. So the simple rule for foundation that most women choose to ignore is that less is more. In addition, if you can’t find foundation that doesn’t match your skin, then go without it; it’s better for your skin and everyone who tries to hug you.

Black Women Make-up Faux Pas #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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Please don’t shave your eyebrows

I don’t know who convinced women that shaving off their eyebrows was beautiful; I don’t know when this trend started. I just remember that one day, I woke up and there they were, women with no eyebrows. What makes this trend sad is that your eyebrows are what make your face. Eyebrows are important in shaping your face and your eyes. Think about it, have you ever seen a woman who looks angry all the time, even if they are smiling? It’s probably the shape of their eyebrows. If you have bushy eyebrows you can pluck them, but again don’t over pluck them, and find a professional, unless you are sure that you can do it yourself. Moreover, in your attempt to define your brows, there is a proper method to go about it; start at the center of the brow and apply sharpened eyebrow pencil or brow powder in soft, feathery strokes, then outline top and inner brow with brightening crème. Again, no extremes, the simpler the better. In addition, before waxing off those brows and deciding that pencil liner is the one true path to beauty, remember that those brows might never grow back!

Black Women Make-up Faux Pas #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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Lip liner: How not to use it

Most black women have naturally full lips, which is why it looks silly when a black woman decides to outline their entire lips with a lip liner. While, lip liner can help bring more color to our lips, be moderate in your application, the less you can see it, the better. It is actually pretty easy to fall into this trap, it used to be a trend back in the 60s and 80s before those women knew better. Nowadays, if you want to accentuate your lips, use lipstick and don’t draw your lips especially with a darker color. Of course lipstick also comes with its dangers, finding the right color is key, you don’t want to look like a creature from a fantasy film. Basically, just don’t use lip liner for your lips, it is not flattering, sometimes it even makes you look like you have a mustache.

Black Women Make-up Faux Pas #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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Dripping Lip Gloss

 If you don’t have lipstick, lip-gloss is a quick and awesome alternative. Nowadays we have lip-glosses of all sorts of colors, but the main difference between lipstick and lip-gloss is that lip-gloss is usually a lighter color. [bctt tweet=”Still, just because lip-gloss tends to be light, doesn’t mean you compensate by smearing as much as you can on your lips.”] Some women put on so much lip-gloss that they look like have dipped their lips with oily sheen. With lip-gloss, it is dab, dab and done. Here is a simple test to know if you have applied too much, if you can feel like you have lip gloss, and your lips are glistering like you just dipped your lips in cooking oil then you have put too much lip gloss.

Black Women Make-up Faux Pas #MakeUpArtist #TDSvoices

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[bctt tweet=”Makeup is wonderful, fun, and can make you look stunning, but only if you use it wisely.”] Ultimately, for any sort of woman, there is one simple rule, less is better.

Here is an amazing video for all you beautiful black women to help you in your make-up routine:

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