Clarity, Wearability and Versatility, the ethos of Cilvana Designs [India]

Clarity, Wearability and Versatility, the ethos of Cilvana Designs [India]

Having seen the exhibition below, we needed to introduce this designer brand Cilvana Designs from India. Supriya Sirha, designer and founder of Cilvana Designs, has pioneered the term ‘fashion’ in the Indian context, and more importantly she has demonstrated that hand made products can be created better than those made by machine leaving you with a stylish, sophisticated and glamorous piece of clothing.

Supriya’s curiosity in the fashion industry was initiated at a very young age and her interest was fuelled after studying a course in fashion design in Mumbai, India.​ Immediately after her graduation, with her knowledge, talent and creativity, Supriya came up with her own designer brand label, ‘Cilvana Designs.’

Every garment is a piece of art, minute attention has been paid to the fabric chosen, the colours, the styling, the fit and most of all the personality of each garment which makes it become one with you. After all, my only aim is to create you a beautiful garment without the slightest compromise, which in turn compliments you.

I ensure that there is only one point of emphasis in every garment I design. To define my design philosophy I use three adjectives; clarity, wearability and most of all versatility.​ Her designs and creations are mainly inspired through Mother Nature. As she travels between India, UAE, Africa and the UK, her surroundings of birds and wildlife, the flora and fauna, and all the bright colours everywhere allow her to merge it all into my garments.

Cilvana Designs currently retails across Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai and Kenya amongst other countries across the world.

Cilvana Designs are extremely beautiful and exquisite. Take a look at the highlights from the Exclusive Fashion Exhibition in Nairobi, April 2014 and see why we love her designs. For more information, check out the Cilvana Designs Website.

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