Depicting Africa in a positive light: Gena West’s “A Different View”

Depicting Africa in a positive light: Gena West's "A Different View"

Gena West is a renowned soul and gospel singer with worldwide recognition. Her first album, “Voices” has received critical acclaim and some of her singles like “Joy” have topped music charts. When she is not singing or acting, she is gracing us with her talents as a TV presenter.

For a year now, the charismatic Gena West has been hosting “A Different View”, a show on Metro TV Ghana that depicts Africa in a positive light. As West says on her TV show, “you can choose to take a different view, no matter what life throws at you.” The show, which recently started its second season, covers various topics including love, health and of course African fashion.

The show has featured many individuals including, Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur Mrs. Aya Morrison Atelier, who designs and makes bikinis, bags and other accessories using African print. Mrs. Aya Morrison is the CEO of Aya Morrison, a clothing line for both men and women with a collection that includes cocktail dresses, accessories and more, all mostly in African print. “Every woman has flair. Our fashions don’t seek to change what women like in their look but rather to simply accentuate their uniqueness with memorable and chic statement pieces”, said Aya Morrison.

Although the show’s website is still under construction, you can find out more about the show on their Facebook page or catch some clips on Youtube.

The show airs every Wednesday at 9:00 PM on Metro TV Ghana.

Check out the clips from the show:

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