Disability and Fashion

Now this is something I have never really thought about and by the looks of things, it’s becoming a real issue. I met a lady once who, after the usual casual introductions and telling her what The Designers Studio was all about, asked me one question that made me stop and think. I must let you know that this lady had a prosthetic leg and wants to fight for consideration of disabled persons in facilities in Kenya. (i.e. ramps for persons with wheelchairs)

This was her question. “Why does the fashion industry seem to exclude and not have any models with disabilities?” I had no answer to that question to be honest. No matter how much I racked my brain to come up with something substantial and clever, I simply told her that I didn’t know why but that I would look into it. And I did.

Here is a documentary entitled “Models of Diversity Documentary, Models with a Disability in the Fashion and Beauty Industry” which looks into the issue and shows us how some are working to rectify this omission. Giving a new side of fashion and beauty.

After watching, feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Photo above: Jack Eyers hopes to be on the cover of a fitness magazine one day (Picture: René Connage-Durant)

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