Editor’s Note: May Photography Series “Journey Behind the Lens”

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Author: Wanjiku N. M | Editor and Founder of TDS | Twitter: @WanjikuNM


This month, we take a journey through the lens. We are truly excited to begin this month by introducing our very first Feature Series. We begin with our May Photography Series where we introduce to you some of our Kenyan photographers who have shared their journeys. We also discuss what to know about the photography business in Kenya and other inspirational tidbits to celebrate the talent within our borders and this continent. We decided to take this month and dedicate it to photography, a growing industry in Kenya, with many talented people whose experiences and talent may just inspire the next best. The best way to learn is from others.

Why this series? Photographers are an integral part of any fashion industry and their voice cannot be ignored, or shall we, their images. You pass by hundreds of billboards and magazine images without truly knowing who is behind them. They are able to give us a different perspective on issues, clothes, and even create a surreal space through imagery.

From the fashion lifestyle photographs of Victor Peace who makes the viewer desire an experience to Sebastian Wanzalla who strives to remain true to himself, which flows into his work. The design photograph agency, Magiq Lens Kenya who strive to create “out of the box” photography. Check out Fear & Desire by Magiq Lens Editorial Shoot. Ben Kiruthi who has chosen to capture the moment few are chosen to witness as two people come together in love. Check out Ben Kiruthi’s work for Wambui Mukenyi’s Bridal Collection 2014. We finish off the feature with a a showcase of Osbourne Macharia, letting the imagery speak for itself.

Kenya is a truly beautiful and inspiring country to capture. With a cityscape photograph is a blend of a city buzzing through below to the distant planes of peace standing still and majestic which are the Ngong Hills. To jaw dropping beaches and hill ranges, Kenya is a photographic opportunity. Who better than photographers to do that?

Nowadays, there is tricky balance between showcasing your work, where to share it and how to protect yourself from copyright infringement. Photography may be your hobby but nothing stops you from turning your hobby into a business, if that is where you want to be. Like any art form, you need to be vigilant. Vigilance extends itself to business practice, knowing who your clients are and how to protect yourself. This month, we will introduce you to the Photography Association of Kenya (PAK).

This month will not end without our Africa Features on Photographers in Africa and their work as well as some few inspirational videos and editorials. May is such a good month for us and we are truly excited to share it with you. We hope that you draw inspiration from our TDS Photography Series.

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