Editor’s Note: October-November



Before I begin losing some people on the whole fashion topic, I must preface by saying that fashion (the business of trading and creating apparel and accessories) is part of our daily lives regardless of whether you are actively or passively involved…well…unless you are nudist.

Now that I hopefully have your attention, I want to jump right in to talk about the fashion industry in Kenya and the rising tidal waves of overwhelming interest, intense talent, extraordinary projects and increased dialogue in the industry and its inevitable growth which we are all a part of.

These months are dedicated to the rise of summer and other joys. Bearing in mind that there are moments when the weather is questionable. We shall be taking you through the looks of the month, our favorite discoveries and the events that will be taking center stage these next two months: Enashipai Naivasha Fashion Weekend, FAFA and Fashion with a Difference to name a few.

TDS presents some of the designers to watch out for starting with the likes of Bana the Brand from Mohamed Bana, Betty Vanetti and others.

Looking at the premise of the Department of Arts and Culture in South Africa: “the arts and culture are not hobbies or entertainment. They are an outward expression of that which stirs in a man’s soul to reveal itself as commercial products that are testament to the present and how it is inextricably linked to the past and the future.”

Food for thought: what is stirring in your soul?

Peace and Love*



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