The Evolution of Fashion in Africa: Opinions from Kenyan Fashion Designers

African fashion has been transforming and growing over the years. Kenya has definitely been growing steadily with an increase in fashion designers, fashion related events but most importantly a change in societal views in embracing local talent. The video below, taken from KTN Africa Speaks, looks into the fashion industry in Kenya and what designers and models can do to make it globally. Discussing not only the strides that have been made but also the challenges being faced by designers and models such as manufacturing, pricing, perception and monetization of these careers in Kenya. Take a look at the views of Kenyan fashion designers Ann McCreath, fashion of Kiko Romeo and Mercy Makena of Nakiana Fashion House.

What are your views on the industry and as a consumer, can this change be felt?

Fashion Designer Angela Ola speaks to Sophia Wanuna speaks about African Fashion and her journey as a designer.   See her views on the industry, her challenges and what one needs to consider on your journey. See below on Morning Express on KTN.

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