Focus on Africa June TDS Series #TDSFOA

Author: Wanjiku N. M | Editor and Founder of TDS | Twitter: @WanjikuNM


So what is June all about for us? Looking inward and celebrating those that are working to change the negative narrative of Africa that is powerless to powerful, self-sustaining and all round beautiful. This is why it is important for us to dedicate this month to the creative people out there. There has been a long standing practice of looking outward and wishing to taste the “X dream” that is far better than where we are. “The grass is greener on the other side” adage has unfortunately become a practice that has blinded us from noticing the rising change and talent right in front of us.

We want to bring these things, we may have sidelined inadvertently, to the fore where it cannot be ignored anymore. Short of shouting from the rooftops “AFRICA IS AWESOME”, we will be content with having capitalized it so when you read it felt like we shouted.

On a serious note, we were inspired by the #MyHeartBeatsAfrica campaign launched by the talented Adele Dejak. Her brand’s mission is to “draw on the dynamic rich African heritage to create products which celebrate beauty and design on the continent, showcasing the African luxury movement.” The campaign is a movement that invites everyone to (1) celebrate Africa’s extensive diversity; (2) embrace their African identity and (3) share positive vibes.

What’s not to love about this campaign? As TDS, we are in complete support, so much so that we are also dedicating this month to this campaign. We will search and share amazing stories from around this continent to get you inspired, shocked perhaps, amazed, motivated and overall creating a warm fuzzy feeling of continental pride.

So…let’s get started.

June here we come!


If you missed our Photography Series, you can catch up on all of it tomorrow in our looking back article!

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