Friday Goodie: Cranium Ink Lookbook Magazine

The Hidden Narrative in Photography with Zachary Saitoti (Shifteye)

We promised you a Friday goodie! Well, here it is. Hopefully by now you are well versed and knowledgeable about Zachary Saitoti, Shifteye Gallery and Cranium Ink. Here is the last bit to complete that knowledge. Cranium Ink is a brainchild of Creative Designer, Jeff Kegeri and Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer, Zachary Saitoti. They have been practitioners in their respective fields for a combined 18 years. With all that experience, they created the Magazine below where Cranium Ink aimed to have minimal text and to let the products and images speak for themselves.

Happy reading and have yourselves a great Friday!

Cranium Ink website: click here

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