Introducing Enzi Footwear- A teaser on this luxury sneaker footwear brand

The Enzi Footwear is the creation of four friends brought together for the love of sneakers with a passion to change the perception of Africa. Azi is the Operations Manager stationed in Addis Ababa, Christian is the “globe trotting salesman, Jawad is the designer and Sam manages the business side of things, stationed in Nairobi.

“Our collection of footwear and apparel combines high quality materials sourced in East Africa with a commitment to expert design, craftsmanship and responsible labor practices.”

The brand is based on a stronger sneaker culture. For those who grew up with addidas/converse who are now a bit more mature and still want to identity with the sneaker culture on a premium level will be drawn to Enzi footwear.


More from our interview with Sam Imende who tells us more about the brand, how it began, the market in Kenya and his views on the fashion industry. Until then, watch below a teaser introduction to Enzi Footwear.


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