Introducing Rift Valley Leather- founded on providing quality leather products

Robert Topping and Roy Adlam set up Rift Valley Leather in 2009 and produced their first products for sale at the 2009 Jamhuri Christmas Fair. They purchased a few machines and with two trained fundis (Swahili word for person skilled in repairing or maintaining machinery) set up camp in a supermarket turned workshop located in Langata’s Hardy area. With the growth of the market, Rift Valley Leather began to expand their product offering. “Growth of the middle class and expats moving from the diaspora have come back home with different experiences, expectations and desires, quality being one of them.” Rift Valley Leather is founded on providing quality leather products occupying the small to medium market manufacturing for retail.

Find out more about Rift Valley Leather, their products and information on the leather industry in Kenya from their experience in our article coming out Monday.

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