Jamhuri Wear Evolve BUYU Travel Collection Fashion Film

We thought we would share this with you, a short but impactful film on the Buyu travel range collection from Jamhuri Wear. Jamhuri Wear is a lifestyle brand, launched in New York City in 2003, with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.  “Jamhuri”, which means “Republic” or “Free State” in Swahili, describes the 54 African nations that the company proudly embodies. By redefining everyday products inspired by African materials and culture, Jamhuri wear presents Africa in today’s context for a global market. Jamhuri Wear aims to create an intersection where style and authenticity converge.

Jamhuri Wear’s travel range, “Buyu” by Jamhuri Wear, launched in 2012, is a capsule collection of travel accessories named after the fruit produced by the Baobab tree. The collection is 100% handcrafted in Kenya, using repurposed bark fiber sustainably harvested from the aptly named “Tree of Life”. The fiber is handwoven by Kenyan artisans in Tseikuru, and fused with natural tan leather in a workshop in Karen, Kenya. This extension of Jamhuri Wear embodies the cycle of life and celebrates the co-existence of humans with nature.

“Change is the only constant. Everything has to EVOLVE.”

Life is the journey, Pack it with Beautiful Destinations.

Shot in the beautiful island of Lamu, Kenya. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

Video + Editing – Oaklyn
Stylist – Joi Mechelle
Model – Shangazi
Title Graphics – Hello Kenya
Special Thanks:-
Boat Crew – Tuff Gong Lamu
Floating Bar – Lamu
Music – BLK JKS “STAND BY” Album After Robots

Hear about the brand and how it got started from the founder/designer himself, Jeffrey Kimathi speaking on the Patricia show. See below.

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