Kenyan Designers have so much to offer: Here are our favourite pieces [July’s Picks]

Kenyan Designers have so much to offer: Here are our favorite pieces [July's Picks] -

We have featured some extraordinary designers so far and have spoken fervently about the importance of buying local and therefore supporting the local industry. Our Kenyan designers are creating incredible pieces that could easily fit in anyone’s wardrobe. Not only have they shared their work with us but also their journeys into doing what they love most and the challenges they have faced. One of these challenges, as discussed is the evident perception change that need to take place. What we are speaking of is the reality that most Kenyans do not believe that our fashion designers have much to offer and that foreign products are much better. We beg to differ.

So we have decided to recap some of our favorite pieces so far and continue to convince you that Kenya is very cool beyond what we are already offering (ie… night life, wildlife safaris, tours and travel…).

Scroll through and tell us below which one is your favorite. If do you have your reservations about Kenyan fashion designers, we would also love to hear your thoughts. Sharing is indeed caring.


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