Month in Review! [July] An Accessory Filled Month

The Designers Studio Kenya - Month in Review [July] An Accessory Filled Month #fashionke #tdsvoices

July has been an accessory filled month. Starting the month with a wonderful announcement of Adele Dejak’s summer sale at the Village Market store that began on 4th of July. In addition, there is also a blowout sale at the Kiambu Showroom every first Friday and Saturday of the month. This then means that the next blowout sale is around the corner, literally this Friday and Saturday (1st and 2nd of August). Get on it. For more on Adele Dejak and out interview with this creative: read here:The African luxury movement, meet Adèle Dejak.”

Having appeared in the Festival for Fashion and Arts (FAFA) after only 5 months of officially launching her brand, Muna Yemane designs for both men and women. One of the up coming young designers who launched her brand in January 2014, Muna Yemane was our first feature designer for this month and shared with us what her brand is all about and what she has experienced. One of the interesting things she said was this: “What I have found in Kenya is that men are more willing to spend money on clothes than women.” Would you agree with this? Read more here.

The Muna Yemane Brand - All about sophistication

The Muna Yemane Brand – All about sophistication

Our Africa Feature of the month was from Rwanda: Teta Isibo from Inzuki Designs. Inzuki Designs is a Rwandese brand launched in 2010 selling handmade jewelry, accessories and interior décor with a sweet sensitivity to them but a fierce attitude. Here is more on this designer. Did we happen to mention that she was on CNN African Start-Up? See more on Inzuki Designs here.

Africa Feature! Teta Isibo from Inzuki Designs [Rwanda]

TDS Africa Feature! Teta Isibo from Inzuki Designs [Rwanda]

We could not help but feature this fashion film: Louis Vuitton Presents The Spirit of Travel Campaign Film. Here is why it is so great and must be seen. For all you fashion film enthusiasts/directors in the making, who thought of delving into making a fashion film, be truly inspired. Its remarkably simple and to the point. Fashion films can be immensely creative and drive a message home. In this one, you want to travel somewhere with an LV for sure. Not only that, but it was shot in beautiful South Africa with the models braving their way to be super cool next to a cheetah. See here for more.

Louis Vuittion Spirit of Travel Ad Campaign

Experience travel with Louis Vuitton – Fashion Films worth watching one more time

We featured another two designers whose designs will quite frankly get you noticed. These pieces are not for the faint of heart but could also be the jewellery you wear if you want to start being daring – shall we say build that sense of bravado. Let’s start with Riri Jewellery whose designs, Ivy Chege told us, not only creates stunning pieces of work but also strives to educate and train others in the jewelry making business.  “It gives other young people a platform to showcase their creativity.” One of the hurdles, a common one it would seem, is the mentality of the Kenyan people embracing local brands or their hesitation to do so. Food for thought! Perhaps this issue is more serious than we think. Do you feel that way? At the moment, Ivy states, they are looking to create smaller wearable pieces inspired by the Armour of Love Collection showcased at FAFA this year. Didn’t get to see the collection. See more here.

"We want you to be noticed" meet Ivy Chege from Riri Jewellery. The Designers Studio Kenya

“We want you to be noticed” meet Ivy Chege from Riri Jewellery. The Designers Studio Kenya

Our second accessory designer is Ami Doshi Shah. If there is one thing you will take away about her, take this: welcoming, warm, funny and extremely gifted. Ami Doshi Shah’s work is truly an embodiment of artistic expression, creativity and a clever use and mélange of materials and texture such as copper, rope, brass, wood, leather, semi-precious stone and metal chains turning them into truly bold statement unique wearable pieces. Her pieces are created to have a beautiful aesthetic quality on and off the body, playing with light, shadow, texture, pattern and form. Below is just a snippet. Read more here.

"The Devil is in the Detail" Ami Doshi Shah's Jewellery Exploration. The Designers Studio Kenya

FAFA Capsule Collection 2014 – Ami Doshi Shah

To finish off the month, we decided to showcase a sample of our July favourite fashion pieces. One of these challenges, as discussed is the evident perception change that needs to take place. What we are speaking of is the reality that most Kenyans do not believe that our fashion designers have much to offer and that foreign products are much better. We beg to differ. See more here.

Kenyan Designers have so much to offer: Here are our favorite pieces [July's Picks] -

Kenyan Designers have so much to offer: Here are our favorite pieces [July’s Picks] –

Last but not least, a little reminder. For all fashion designers who want to take their brand to a higher level; here is a competition for you.  This competition will give the winner the opportunity to present their collection during Berlin Fashion Week 2015. Brought to you by FA254, African Designers for Tommorow Competition was launched in July. Please take note the deadline is 20 August. Take the leap and compete, put your best foot forward and all the best! See more details here.

Go Ahead! Apply to the African Designers for Tomorrow Competition brought to you by FA254

Go Ahead! Apply to the African Designers for Tomorrow Competition brought to you by FA254

Happy reading and catching up.

We are loping forward to August and what will be in store. Stay tuned. Until then, to all our muslim brothers and sisters, Happy Eid!

Eid Mubarak 2014 from TDS!  #fashionke

Eid Mubarak 2014 from TDS!

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