Power of the Fashion Film

We have probably seen quite a few fashion films but have you ever thought of its importance? Not only does a fashion film have the power to influence a generation, inspire but most importantly as a focal point in selling. By making a fashion film, you bring your collection to life and have the open creative license to really capture the essence, the brand image and attitude associated with a collection.

Making a fashion film does not need to cost millions and have superstars featured for it to have an impact, unless that is what your brand represents. The most powerful fashion films have gone viral either because of the creativity, a powerful message or sometimes in its simplicity- to name but a few key traits.

We want to feature two striking fashion films capturing on the one hand creativity/awe and luxury and on the other the infallible simplicity that made this film go viral.

1. AngloGold ASHANTI “Celestial Origins”

AngloGold Ashanti is one of the world’s largest producers of gold, with operations on four continents. Proud to have their roots in South Africa, they are passionate about the metal they mine. AngloGold Ashanti hosts an annual gold jewellery design competition called AuDITIONS. The theme for the 2013 | 2014 competition is “Celestial Origins” and was inspired by the mystical journey of gold, billions of years ago, as it travelled from the celestial plane to land here on earth.

The resulting collection consists of 16 remarkable statement pieces, created by both student and professional designers selected for their original interpretation of the theme. While some finalists looked to the heavens for inspiration, others looked to find inspiration in the stories of their own origins.

This fashion film is a tribute to the extraordinary origins of gold and extraordinary designs it has inspired. Beautifully and creatively directed and produced by ANDREA•GWYNN, a young directing duo in South Africa. Take a look below!

2. First Kiss

It’s the fashion film that’s not really a fashion film and enjoyed 23 million views in the first three days since it was posted on YouTube. At the moment, it has approximately 82 million views in less than three months. So why did this fashion film become viral? Simplicity, honesty, and a rawness to the whole video.

Founder of fashion label Wren, Melissa Coker, and the film’s director, Tatia Pilieva, knew they’d created “something special” when ‘First Kiss’ was filmed in less than a day but they had no idea just how far-reaching their recording would be.

“No one knew who they were kissing until they turned up. They didn’t even know the person’s name, so they couldn’t Google or do any research. Only Tatia knew and I knew. That was key to capturing these moments,” Coker reveals.

All the women in the video are wearing Wren clothing but it is not the center focus of the video. Some might say that it did not successfully sell the clothes but the brand was sold and most people will look further into a brand that made them feel something in less than 4 minutes. Judging by audience reaction alone, this fashion film has proven to be more successful than major fashion brands. Lesson learned and all pun intended from this simple well-known principle: K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).

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