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Africa Rising MultiChoice MultiChoice Africa content campaign

Wanjiku N M for The Designers Studio Kenya

Author: Wanjiku N. M | Editor and Founder of TDS | Twitter: @WanjikuNM


I saw this the other day and couldn’t resist sharing it. In the spirit of promoting Kenyan fashion brands and Africa as a whole, this was quite apt for many reasons as we shall see. Let me first introduce the Campaign.

Africa’s leading pay television provider MultiChoice Africa launched in July this year a campaign called ‘Africa Rising.’ Africa is on the rise and there could have been no better name for it. The campaign was designed to inspire Africans to be involved in community-based social upliftment projects. To launch the campaign, MultiChoice chose the one language as Africans all understand; music. With a pan-African song composed and performed by top African artistes, they drew on the very best talent from across the continent to spread the word.

Africa Rising MultiChoice MultiChoice Africa content campaign

The six artistes who have collaborated in the song titled Rise Up are Davido, a Nigerian American recording artiste and record producer, Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, recording artiste, and actress, Diamond Platnumz (or simply Diamond), a Bongo Flava recording artiste from Tanzania, Sarkodie (also referred to as Obidi Pon Bidi), a Ghanaian hip-hop recording artiste and brand ambassador, Lola Rae, a British singer of Nigerian/Ghanaian descent who garnered recognition as a dancer in the street dance group “Myztikal”; and Mi Casa, a South African band consisting of three members, Dr Duda and Jsomething  and Mo-T. The artists hope to inspire and create a paradigm shift amongst Africans with their music as there is so much more to celebrate.

“let’s hold hands and let us dance let’s unite and give ourselves another chance”

The Africa Rising campaign was set to create a new shared value movement that inspired Africa, which is undisputedly regarded as the world’s next big growth market with huge potential. “The company strongly believes that the inspirational messages from Africa Rising will create a new social investment movement based on hope and pride, inspiring an unprecedented upswing in involvement in community projects,” said MultiChoice Zimbabwe spokesperson Liz Dziva.

The essence of this campaign is rather simple. As Africans, we are not only to invigorate our passion for Africa’s development but also to encourage us to stand up and make a positive impact on the continent. Who better to do that than ourselves. What is most beloved about this music video for “Africa Rising” is the fashion. Of course, I had to go there. 🙂

Africa Rising MultiChoice MultiChoice Africa content campaign

One of the lyrics of the song, sang by Davido, says “I’m so happy to a part of this continent call your sisters and your brothers and your friends let’s get together let’s hold hands and let us dance let’s unite and give ourselves another chance”

Conceptually, this is a great campaign, i do have one comment. However despite the title of the song being “Africa Rising” it seems to not really show the rise. Capturing these artists in beautiful outfits, i have to wonder why they decided to have them sing only in particular area? I understand the need for unity and reality but I think a crucial element was not displayed; the actual development of the different African countries.

By focusing on the lower income areas is simply misleading and a misrepresentation of what Africa has to offer. The truth is, there is definite proof of development on a grand scale on the continent and this was left out completely. Perhaps if they kept a balance in portraying all realities of Africa then the campaign would have been a complete success in terms of the message, the portrayal and desired results. I applaud the effort, at least MultiChoice did something positive and I love the song so, kudos for that!

This is simply opinion, would love to hear your thoughts on this. Watch the video below.

For more information of the campaign please visit: http://campaign.dstv.com/africarising/

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