Setting sail: City to Coast July Series

e want to bring some sunshine and beach into the mix by taking a look at designers in the Kenyan coast. This month...Setting sail: City to Coast July Series

Author: Wanjiku N. M | Editor and Founder of TDS | Twitter: @WanjikuNM


We have spent some time showcasing the fashion and design world primarily in Nairobi and so this month we are taking a trip to the coast. Despite this month being our winter month, we want to bring some sunshine and beach into the mix by taking a look at designers in the Kenyan coast. This month is our City to Coast series and with that, we are embarking on a discovery mission.

We begin in the city, a parting shot from Nairobi, with Zamoyo, by Larissa Muthoni, whose brand stands to tell the Kenyan story one accessory at a time. Her accessories cater to the need of every Kenyan’s desire of a lifestyle that is recognized and impactful whilst being an extension of your identity.

Zamoyo [Designer Website of the Month]


Reaching our destination, we showcase two brands that have shared their story and experience in fashion. Canvas and Kangas, designed by Denise Noordermeer and based in Mombasa, uses natural and local Kenyan materials to represent good quality craftsmanship in their lifestyle products. From their shopper/beach bags to home and garden pillows, they produce handmade lifestyle products from Kenya with natural and local Kenyan materials of Kanga’s and Canvas with every bag designed individually.

Canvas and Kangas - Shopper Beachbag  #TDSCity2CoastSeries The Designers Studio ©CanvasandKangas

Sailing on to Zinj Design, based in Takaungu near Kilifi, the company was founded in 2007 producing ultra contemporary products that pay homage to location, culture and tradition. With their specialty in beadwork, they incorporate leather, brass work using traditional methods and craftsmanship.

Zinj Design - The Designers Studio Kenya

Tote Bag – Santa Fe [Zinj Design- Kilifi]

We previously featured Ali Lamu the brand from Lamu. Ali Lamu together with his wife Daniela Bateleur began creating art in June 2008 and their bag designs are filled with nothing but life and love. Using old dhow sails, their paintings and bags are one of a kind. Hand cut, designed, stitched and washed by the fishermen, it takes one whole day to make and create a bag. Read more about it here.

What you see is what you feel - ALI LAMU Fashion Designer Kenya

There are few other interesting creatives we have found in the coast and we cannot wait to share them with you. So if you are in the coast or going down there, July seeks to inspire and show you where you can go to get some awesome designs or even perhaps a wedding photographer. We have you covered this month. In the spirit of all things coastal, our Africa Features will also find them in coastal towns so stay tuned.

Ready to set sail?

Let’s do it then.

Happy July!


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