Shifting Perspective – A snippet about Shifteye Gallery founded by Zachary Saitoti

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder of Shifteye Gallery, Zachary Saitoti to truly know more and understand his work and his vision. CraniumInk is a brainchild of Creative Designer, Jeff Kegeri and Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer, Zachary Saitoti which as an agency offers various services ranging from brand strategy to web design, photography to promotional design. “Having a talented team means we don’t have to outsource and trust other freelancers with your precious work. Everything we do is created in house to a consistently high standard.” Zachary Saitoti wears three hats for Shifteye Photography, Shifteye Gallery and Cranium Ink. Busy man with exceptional quality and flowing with endless creativity.

Shifteye Gallery is “a brand new state of the art gallery, photographic studio & event space in the heart of the Nairobi. The space has been intricately designed to cater for exhibiting artists of all kinds, fashion events, musical performances, creative performance pieces, presentations & even cocktail parties. This, we believe makes it a unique hub of fantastic creativity, fabulous fun and artistic contemplation.” Located in The Priory Place (Ground Floor), Argwings Kodhek Rd.,Kilimani.

Here is feature done by Grace Msalame from the show “Grace” on Kiss TV and their visit to Shifteye Gallery. Take a look.

More from our interview with Zachary Saitoti coming soon 🙂


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