Summer Sale at Adele Dejak starts this 4th of July!

If you have always wanted to get your hands on an Adele Dejak piece, there is no time like the present. This Friday the 4th of July will be the beginning of Adele Dejak’s summer sale at the Village Market store. Not only that, but every first Friday and Saturday of the month, there will be a blowout sale at the Kiambu Showroom. This is your opportunity to get that Kuba cloth or Kitenge clutch bag, cow hide or leather bag with brass fittings or maybe a bag charms and brass /cow horn jewelry. To find out more about Adele Dejak, read here: “The African luxury movement, meet Adèle Dejak”

Summer Sale from this 4th of July! Adele Dejak store in Village Market and Kiambu showroom
Adele Dejak store in Village Market and Kiambu showroom
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