Alexander McQueen

3D Printed Rhino Horn: Conservation Haven or Black Market Gold Mine?
[Image: Courteys of Alexander McQueen except Blue embellished horns by David Alford Harare]   Horns are no stranger to fashion, and we don’t mean their wicked antiques mentioned earlier in this series. Ask the likes of David Alford Harare or...
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#techstyle Exhibition – Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
||, Synergy. That seemed to be the underlying theme of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) #techstyle exhibition earlier this year. The kind of synergy between designers and tech designers or scientists to push the boundaries on how we create...
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Fashion Brandiing 101 #Business Talk #TDSvoices
Fashion Branding 101
How important do you think branding is? To answer that, think of C­alvin Klein, Puma, Nike, Levi's and Gucci; do they all create an image in your head? Branding is essential and can propel your business to unfathomable success if...
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