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The Designers Studio Kenya - Month in Review [July] An Accessory Filled Month #fashionke #tdsvoices
Month in Review! [July] An Accessory Filled Month
July has been an accessory filled month. Starting the month with a wonderful announcement of Adele Dejak’s summer sale at the Village Market store that began on 4th of July. In addition, there is also a blowout sale at the...
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"We want you to be noticed" meet Ivy Chege from Riri Jewellery. The Designers Studio Kenya
“We want you to be noticed” meet Ivy Chege from Riri Jewellery
We sat down with Ivy Chege, one of the founders of Riri Jewellery, an accessories and jewelry designer brand in Kenya. Ivy Chege is the lead designer and Njuhi Chege, the co-founder, is the business manager. If you haven’t figured...
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