THE PINK SAVANNAH |From Unique Handmade Trademark to New Collections and Everything in between

Expression. The Pink Savannah as a brand exudes multi-layer experience. What started with beaded bracelets as a source of enjoyment for sisters Glazia and Glena, has turned to a successful brand that is clean-cut, minimalism that is also the life of the party. [Pink Shots at their exhibition stand, yes please!] From colourful and full of personality, to chic and contemporary design that is also functional. Plus they create and make these pieces themselves! TDS caught up with Glena to find out what the dynamic duo has been up to since the last interview (which you can read here):

‘Handmade’ still remains an intricate part of the brand … why is this important to your brand?

We believe that every piece we design should be unique. Handmade products emulate that flare of uniqueness which is what makes our brand timeless and distinguishable from the rest.

There must be challenges in trying to achieve that uniqueness…

Sourcing the right materials is always a challenge. We strive to look for unconventional materials to design our jewellery which isn’t always an easy task. Initially, finding the right artisans who share our vision and creativity had also been a stumbling block to our growth.

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

Have you incorporated any new materials into your creations since we last spoke?

We have recently added leather into our collection; this creates an elegant yet rustic look to our designs. We love working with affordable materials, as our motto has always been to create jewellery that is affordable to everyone – whether on the beach or in the bush.

In a previous interview with TDS you mentioned that “limit your designs so you don’t sell the same thing over and over again.” Where do you draw inspiration for new collections from, especially since you release new ones every two to three months?

Nature is our inspiration – we love to travel and look for new materials constantly. Our designs incorporate natural patterns, colours and materials that achieve balance and harmony while keeping it super stylish and sleek.

So what does that translate to, production wise, on a monthly basis?

That depends entirely on sales from the previous month. Besides our loyal fan base who buy on a regular basis, we offer custom made jewellery which means that during wedding season and special occasions, we would end up creating a lot more than we generally would. Additionally, we now have an outlet at The Yard/Alchemist Bar; a shared retail space with One Hundred Years which has allowed us to increase our monthly production. Just to mention, we will be opening our online platform soon.

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

You’ve previously mentioned that “We aim to support our local communities and establish a fair trade system with our suppliers.” How do you go about this and why is this important to you?

Our intricate pieces are locally sourced and casted by talented artisans in Kibera and Dandora, The artisans industry is the highest informal sector in Kenya. We constantly strive to pay fair prices for our materials, we support both men and women artisans. For us, the importance of a strong family unit is critical to the growth of the industry and of our people.

Any scoop on the newest collection from The Pink Savannah?

That’s a secret! We will unveil it soon enough but until then, I am afraid you will just have to wait and watch this space.

We’ll settle for the inspiration…

Our inspiration is the beautiful and powerful wisdom of women. We are in awe of women and their ability to juggle daily life, work, social, husbands and children… think slightly mature, elegant and combined with the Pink Savannah flair.

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

The brand is often spotted at bazaars … how does it helps a fashion brand in particular

Well… if you have no retail outlet… bazaars are a great way to build your brand, plus it’s the only time we get to mingle and meet our clients.

We also recall that copyright was a big issue for you, with an international firm copying your designs… is this still happening?

We have come to understand that imitation is the greatest form a flattery. Be unique with your designs… and people will notice when someone copies you.

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

[Image: Courtesy of Pink Savannah]

Final thoughts: is it crucial to learn the skills and be in control of producing for your brand?

Honestly, you can’t be great at everything. The advice we would give is, if you are the creator, then you and you alone need to understand your brand and its ideology. Brands evolve continuously and this process of growth and transformation can only be managed and moulded by the creator. You will know when new talent is required… and invest in talent… as this is the only way to grow your brand to the next level.


Join the safari here to get your hands on your own slice of uniqueness from Pink Savannah.

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