Year in Review: The Designers Whose Mission is to Change the Perception of Africa

Year in Review: The Designers Whose Mission is to Change the Perception of Africa

Firstly, we love the shot of Nairobi at night pictured above by George Mo Photography. Ok, back to reviewing the year 🙂


Speaking of wearable art, let’s take you now to our funky Afro urban street wear whose mantra is to change the stereotype of Kenyan made goods. None other than Chilli Mango whose collections are inspired by the sights and sounds of Kenya translated into Kenyan iconic images and sayings merged with hip hop culture to create the kitenge hoodie (pictured below). Njeri Gikera, the founder and designer, told us that the craziness and loudness of Kenya is what inspires her to create her design in an attempt to capture and communicate that beauty. Kenyans, she states, unfortunately do not believe in locally produced apparel and accessories quoting someone who stated to her that what is made in Kenya is not good quality. We beg to differ. Read more and tell us is you still hold the same view.

The Chilli Mango Kitenge Hoodie

The Chilli Mango Kitenge Hoodie

Read more here: “Chilli Mango: Changing the Stereotype on Kenyan Made Goods”


Want to know who else is on the mission to change the perception of Africa? Enzi Footwear, ladies and gentlemen, combines high quality materials sourced in East Africa with a commitment to expert design, craftsmanship and responsible labor practices. For those of who sneaker heads who might have grown up with addidas/converse and still want to relate to the sneaker culture, Enzi is for you. Did we mention that they also make cotton t-shirts completed sourced and made in Kenya that feel oh so nice when you wear it?

Changing the perception of Africa through well-designed footwear | Meeting with Sam Imende (c) Enzi Footwear

Read more here: “Enzi Footwear – Changing the Perception of Africa Through Well Designed Footwear | Meeting with Sam Imende.”

Teaser on Sam Imende and Enzi: Watch here.


Our designers are not only creative but also passionate about the image of our beloved country and continent. Uhuru Clothing are right there in the fight. Our meeting with the founder and designer, Thomas Mwicigi, felt like meeting a revolutionary in clothes whose purpose is to enhance the image of Africa. Uhuru Clothing is a brand of t-shirts that spreads messages of hop and a future for Africa with quotes like “music is the voice of the people”; “Close your eyes, feel the freedom” and “My future is so bright it blinds my eyes.” Can you feel the freedom?

(c) Uhuru Clothing

(c) Uhuru Clothing

Read more here: “Uhuru Clothing with Thomas Mwicigi – Enhancing the Image of Africa”


Africa is truly showing the world what we are made of and when it comes to the African luxury movement, Adele Dejak is right up there uniting style and substance. The Adele Dejak brand is noteworthy as the passion and design behind every accessory is in its ability to transcend temporary fashion trends by creating pieces that can be passed on from generate to generation. These unique, beautifully handcrafted pieces made from a blend of both traditional and modern materials are affordable luxury. Adele advised that “it is very crucial to educate people on why buying Kenyan products is important for the progression of the industry.”

The African luxury movement, meet Adèle Dejak

(c)Adele Dejak

Read more here: “The African Luxury Movement, Meet Adele Dejak” and “Adele Dejak unites Style and Substance.”

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