A carefully curated collection of fashion designers

Stocking over 20 Kenyan designers, 1 Ugandan and 1 Ethiopian designer. The store caters for the modern day woman and man who embodies that unique touch in their wardrobe and lifestyle for both day and night including sunglasses, bear care and footwear.

A platform for designers to connect with customers

We strive to stock quality Kenyan fashion and lifestyle brands that should be celebrated, promoted and proud to take to the rest of world. Creating this platform allows you, the customer, access to your favourite brands all under one roof.

Impact of buying local

We realised that their must be designers locally who can stand up against the saturation of mass market foreign products and most importantly be part of building our fashion industry to its highest potential. When you buy their designs, you buy into them. Let us buy into Kenya and build this nation.

We are Hiring! 🙂

We are on the lookout for fun, energetic, hard-working, high-spirited sociable person to join our team.
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Why shop with us?

Our selected fashion designers bring you just what you need to stand out from the crowd, celebrating your unique style and voice. We cater for you and where you need to be.

We believe in creativity

We carefully curate and pick the best styles and pieces to cater to your needs ensuring quality control to ensure value for your money.

We believe in quality

You are not simply our customer, you are now part of our family so when you shop with us we ensure to make you feel right at home, comfortable and confident in who you are. #loveyourself

We believe in customer service
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