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Hey there good people. It is time for a new series. Is it me, or are these months flying by incredibly fast? Yikes! Hope you learnt and explored and discovered the art of photography and photographers doing amazing work in our previous Lens Series. If you didn’t get everything, check it out here – Photographers. But, as we all know, man is not an island. Greatness is not achieved simply by one person and many many many times that great image or that fashion runway show, film or the campaigns on billboards we love so much have teams of people contributing to it.

So this is where our new series comes in. We want to highlight those behind the scenes who play a key role in making a vision come to life. Who might these people be? Well, we have the make-up artists, the fashion stylists, the creative/fashion directors and all those who work with them. We want to celebrate them and show you who else made that image you love so awesome.

As I have probably mentioned before, ad nausea, the fashion industry is really a business made up of several stakeholders and partners. So if you are interested in jumping into the fashion industry, you don’t need to force yourself into one or the other – most of us only see the fashion designer and the fashion model. If you love make-up and that is your thing, then go for it. If you are maaaad about fashion styling then by all means, join us in this series and see that your dreams are valid and possible. Or perhaps all make-up brushes to you look the same and differentiating between one belt or another makes you hot and bothered but envisioning how a scene will look like, the set, the story, the positions and how to best capture the brand is your thing then the fashion creative director (fashion editor) life is for you.

Diana Vreeland – the Eye has to Travel Documentary – See link to trailer below

This series, and all our series, are meant to encourage and inform. We want you the reader to either become more knowledgeable about the incredible people doing amazing work locally and on the continent and we want to encourage those who haven’t made the leap yet but don’t know where to start. We want to inspire you who is reading this wondering how to get into the industry to start feeling a part of it already. Fashion is not a big bad wolf – it’s a fun creative space and working with incredible people to make magic happen and change lives and perception.

This is why we share the basic information about the particular topic, how to, tips, definitions and what these titles really mean. Then we share the awesome stories of those who took the leap and have built their lives and careers on what they love. Learn from them, take their advice and see how they overcame what you may be facing. After all, there is nothing new under the sun and we appreciate every moment these creative and artists take time out from their lives to share their journey. It is their bravery, compassion and passion that drives us and by extension hopefully drives you too. So if you have a dream to be a fashion stylist, a make-up artists or didn’t even know how to define your love for fashion directing then this series is for you. Of course, we also want those who are involved in the industry to learn what others are doing, be inspired and be motivated to work together because once again, no man and no industry is an island.

To get your taste buds going, here are a few documentaries we would like to suggest you begin watching…weekend plans anyone?

1. For those sparked by the idea of fashion directing and want to know more about what it entails – well, find a way to watch “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye.” This documentary takes you into the world of a fashion editor (sometimes also called Fashion Director) and how some of the world’s most iconic images came to life – literally taking you behind the scenes.

2. Mademoiselle C follows French fashion icon Carine Roitfeld, fashion editor and fashion stylist, in the months following her departure as Vogue Paris‘s editor-in-chief, as she moves to New York to start her own publication. Find out what it really means to be a fashion editor and what it takes to create and select the iconic images we see on the magazines. Also, do you want to jump into creating a magazine? – well, take a seat and learn from others in this documentary.

3. The September Issue – this is the biggest baddest issue of Vogue in the yearThis documentary takes you into the world of Vogue specifically as we watch Anna Wintour and her team put together the biggest issue of the year. Why do we recommend it? Well because it will show you that fashion is like any other job or business, that fashion is a whole lot of work and to get the magazine the way it is takes a village.

4. Last but not least one of my favourites that I keep going back. “Diana Vreeland – the Eye has to Travel.” What makes this documentary so intriguing is watching how Vogue and the iconic Met Gala as we know it today came to life. Seeing the transition from the old magazines, changing era’s, to the new glossy magazines that has changed people’s lives and created careers in fashion including a long list of supermodels. This documentary also shows the impact that fashion magazines have over and above the negative connotations fashion receives. Have your eyes opened with this one, even if you are not in the fashion industry.

I think these are good start to the series. So let’s jump into it, enjoy the documentaries and let’s get this series started. Have a super month of May and June friends.

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