Emerging Designers – August Series

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This month we celebrate emerging designers. 

The fashion industry is constantly evolving bringing forth a new crop of fashion designers who will spur on new trends, looks and direction. Emerging designers are the future of any industry and paying attention to them empowers everyone involved in the industry through knowledge, inspiration and opportunities. Emerging designers are also incredibly relevant because they are the voices of tomorrow and the evidence of changing times. Their presence is what keeps an industry moving and growing.


Emerging Designer: Drop of a Hat by Chloe Mitchell. Image Courtesy of Drop of a Hat

As a fashion brand, its important to stay up to date with the emerging fashion trends, changes and developments in the industry thereby keeping your brand fresh and evolving. Whatever your specialization is, be it womenswear or menswear, accessories or jewelry, there is always something new so researching and keeping abreast is part of the fashion business.

Why the focus on the emerging designer? Simply put, these are designers who are blooming, growing and changing the face of the industry locally and internationally. These new brands can greatly influence the market and usually bring fourth new looks, ideas and creating trends. Paying attention to the new breed of designers is not only important for the customer but also for those in the industry to get a sense and feel of the changes taking place and how they can play a role, adapt and perhaps be challenged.

Image Courtesy of Drop of a Hat

Emerging Designers: M+K Nairobi. Image Courtesy of M+K Nairobi.

We have to focus on who’s coming up to keep the industry dynamic and strong. Discovering and nurturing new talent has never been more important.” Deux Hommes’ Magazine Managing Editor Amy Vosejpka

This month of August, TDS has dedicated it the new talent in fashion and design in Kenya. We sought for inspiring and visionary new designers to feature and give them the platform to share their stories, experiences and showcase their work. There is always something that we can learn even from those who recently made the leap and joined the market so we are truly looking forward to getting to know them better. Hope you are too.

Have a great month everyone!

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Author: Wanjiku N. M | Editor and Founder of TDS | Twitter: @WanjikuNM

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