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To begin with, fashion editorials, compared to commercial adverts, tell a vivid story. They capture a feeling, an image, a moment created to portray the perfect situation/venue for the clothes and accessories. It makes you travel to a far distant place in one image and as Diana Vreeland once said “the eye has to travel”. The difference between a fashion editorial and a commercial advert has been described as the following: “advertising is selling a product or brand. Advertising tends to look cleaner, using simple lighting to really show off the clothing or make up. Editorial sells more of the mood and the situation the clothing would be worn in.” (http://fashionphotographyblog.com/2009/12/advertising-vs-editorial/)

With this brief introduction: here are out favorite fashion editorials.

Let us start with right here at home, with Thomson Photography, Kenyan Photographers whose images are captivating.

(c) Thomson Photography


(c) Thomson Photography


(c) Thomson Photography


(c) Thomson Photography Next, we have Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz is an American portrait photographer, who is known for her never ending captivating photography.

Annie Leibovitz Alice in Wonderland Editorial
Annie Leibovitz Alice in Wonderland Editorial
Annie Leibovitz Alice in Wonderland Editorial
Annie Leibovitz Alice in Wonderland Editorial










Mario Testino, pervuian photographer, is best known for his highly polished, exotically bright ad campaigns and his exquisitely styled photographs of the couture scene all of which carry a deceptive air of nonchalance.




Mario Testino Micheal Kors
Mario Testino Micheal Kors





Mario Testino Keira  Knightly Vogue October 2012
Mario Testino
Keira Knightly Vogue October 2012

Steven Miesel is an American fashion photographer, who obtained popular acclaim with his work in US and Italian Vogue and his photographs of friend Madonna. He is now considered one of the most successful fashion photographers in the industry, shooting regularly for both US and Italian Vogue, and lately W.

Vogue America September 2010 Steven Meisel3

Mr. Ford Returns by Steven Meisel (Vogue US December 2010)


Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 01




Alexandre McQueen Steven Miesel
Alexandre McQueen
Steven Miesel


Last but not least, for today anyway, is Patrick Demarchelier. French fashion and advertising photographer, who is famous for his works of contemporary fashion photography. The attempt to capture natural emotions in the moment is one of the essential characteristics of Demarchelier’s approach to photography.













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