Makeup enthusiasts, Tech wants to slay the #facebeat future!

They are the silent force backstage at the runway shows or photo-shoots that bring mood boards to life. Makeup artists are modern day artistes that can effortlessly use any canvas to tell a story. Now, if you’ve ever tried to contour your face or have matching winged eyes, you’re in complete awe of how well they can master basic tools to create far from basic creations. With tech heavily embedded in the world of fashion, it’s inevitable for makeup and cosmetics to get a slice of the action. So if you’re a professional Makeup Artist (MUA), fashion professional who has to interact with makeup one way or the other, or just really love makeup for personal reasons, here are some gizmos to get excited about:


Using the 3D printing concept, combined with facial-scanning technology and an integrated smartphone app, you get MODA. This is the world’s first digital MUA that is able to give you the star treatment in minutes. Using the app, chose the look you want to achieve. This could even be a celebrity look you wish to emulate that you can access through the web or Instagram, which it will transmit via Bluetooth to the MODA system. Then all the user has to do is align their face with the MODA and their face will be beat in just half a minute.

MODA [Image: Courtesy of Foreo / MODA]

MODA [Image: Courtesy of Foreo / MODA]

You might be wondering how it would be able to apply the makeup precisely. Well it does so through creating a facial geometry composition of your face using their MODA facial-mapping software ensuring to track exact facial orientation. Then it takes into consideration your facial landscapes and pigmentation via its biometric lens to match your unique features.

Using 2,000 superfine adjustable nozzles, it starts the 3D printing makeup application with primer, followed by foundation – which includes contouring and highlighting – and finishes with high impact colour for the cheeks, lips and eyes. Again, this happens in 30 seconds. Isn’t this a runway’s backstage dream?



Temptu Air Cordless is a professional-grade makeup airbrush device without the bulk. It puts the power in your hands to create natural finishes without using excess quantities of makeup. And it multitasks, able to apply foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter.

Using it is as simple as loading an ‘Airpod’ aka Temptu’s liquid foundation, highlighter, blush or bronzer bullet, onto the gadget and start brushing. Application is quick circular motions at just a few inches from the skin until you achieve desired cover. It also comes with a spot-conceal setting to deal with those pesky under eye bags and large patches of discolouration, plus the blush can double up as a lippie.

[Image: Courtesy of Temptu Air]

[Image: Courtesy of Temptu Air]

The precision of application that this device offers comes from Temptu Air’s Atomized Airflow™ Technology. What it does is transform makeup into a micro-fine mist that glides onto skin, creating wispy layers of the most uniform, comprehensive coverage. It’s already been used by hit shows such as ‘The Voice’ US, the Bachelorette US and in Lady Gaga’s Born this way video. MUA’s, think of all the brushes you won’t have to clean after a runway show. Sweet, sweet bliss!



Scan. Print. Adorn. These three words are all you really need to remember when it comes to this foundation pen. Hitting the almost-just-right state of nirvana with foundation colours can be a nightmare or at least slow down the process of makeup application. No matter the model’s ethnicity or skin type, the pen’s 75,000 shade range has got your covered. That literally cuts down the luggage you’d have to lug around.

[Image: Courtesy of Adorn /Charell Star]

[Image: Courtesy of Adorn /Charell Star]

The inbuilt technology, which is a skin tone sensor that has matching capacity with colour precision, works with their ‘Skin-smart’ foundation to intuitively adjust shades to meet and address the skins requirements for longer and better wear. In addition, you have the power to control the level of coverage you want to achieve, be it light, medium or heavy. The foundation also has hydrating attributes such as antioxidant green tea and sodium hyaluronate to ensure healthier, more natural skin.


The 3D printer known as Mink was released in 2014 and transformed any image into colour cosmetic. More recently, Grace Choi, has introduced the Mink Pen for professionals and should debut the product to the masses in the last quarter of 2016.

Mink 3D printer [Image: courtesy of Mink]

Mink 3D printer [Image: courtesy of Mink]

Working with an accompanying app, it identifies the ration of cyan, magenta and yellow – also known as the CMY colour value – of the shade you would like to use. For example, you see a colour shade you think would make the perfect lipstick on Instagram or in your September issue of Vogue. The app then presents a code and begins to mix that exact hue of makeup in minutes. Once it has given you the exact value of the three colours in the CMY colour value, you mix it with the Mink makeup base powder and can then create custom eye shadow, blush, lip-gloss and more.

Mink Digital Makeup Printing Pen [Image: Courtesy of The Verge]

Mink Digital Makeup Printing Pen [Image: Courtesy of The Verge]

Sure there’s more of the hands-on element, having to mix it together, but it gives MUA more hue control to make their vision more of a reality. Plus if anyone asks later where you sourced it from, saying ‘I made it’ will be so priceless!


When working with individual clients, you can go through a bit of makeup trying to help them figure out what look they want to achieve. But what if you could do all this without having to open a single tube of foundation? Face visualization pioneer ModiFace is a new HD mirror that allows users to try different styles and looks. Big brands such as L’Oreal and Jane Iredale have already signed up to contribute their products to help create this amplified reality. And it’s not just the makeup that the mirror can change. You can try out different eyebrow shapes, different teeth whitening colour grades and even anti-aging products as displayed in the video below.

Having been showcased at the Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the top feature that most clients were drawn to was the gesture controlled makeup application, which could change the shade of lipstick by simply puckering their lips or raising your eyebrow to change eye shadow.

So your client would enjoy the process and be relaxed before the final application. The only downside is the whopping $2,000 USD price tag but it does come with an iPad Air 2 with the ModiFace app loaded into the device.



 The above term can seem a bit intense and reserved for technology conventions, but you’ve already seen this work, thanks to Lady Gaga’s tribute performance to David Bowie at this year’s Grammy Awards. (At this rate we’ll just Google alert Gaga’s makeup to keep ahead of the trends!) If you haven’t seen it:

Tokyo-based producer Nobumichi Asai and his team have created new high-tech art projects. CGI patterns to a woman’s face are created with an initial scanning stage to map the model’s face and then a computer program projects graphics onto the face. You may be wondering where the makeup artists would come in where this project is concerned, but Asai and his team had to work with the MUAs and designers to create the virtually painted art in real time. It would be futuristic way to grow your skills portfolio and save some product while you’re at it. Below are two of Asai’s previous projects that you can bookmark for a little inspiration. The first being the ‘Connected Colours’ project. The motifs features centre on nature’s colour as a representation of the eclectic colours that intermingle naturally in harmony. In essence, their aim was to portray the human desire to coexist peacefully with other life entities on Earth.

The ‘Omote’ project was one of Asai’s earlier pieces but still remains as stunning to date.


The one thing most makeup artists are asked for by their customers after a job is to take a photo for them and how they achieved the look. This partnership allowed the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) MUAs to capture makeup sessions in their department stores by recording with the Google Glasses to demonstrate application techniques. Once done, the video is emailed to customer’s personal account, along with before and after images.

YSL x Google Glasses [Image: Courtesy of The Standard UK]

YSL x Google Glasses [Image: Courtesy of The Standard UK]

These ideas will not only guide them on how to recreate the look on their own but also highlight the products that were used to achieve the look for a complete guide. This is all in pursuit of offering the ultimate personalised luxury service.


With every industry outsourcing to tech, do you think makeup should do the same? Or is this one of those personal touch industries that only thrive because of the human element? Let us know your thoughts, especially which tool you’d buy and why in the comments below. In the meantime, check out some of the top MUA’s in Kenya here, here and here.

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