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This month we take stock of how far we have come, the lessons learnt and remembering that in this industry, no one is alone. 

After 2 years and 9 months of being in existence (who is counting :)), TDS has grown and taught me much more than I expected. This online fashion magazine was started to share about the local designers, where they are and what they have to offer. When you think of all the foreign products we have been saturated with, my thought was to look locally and see what Kenya had and the creatives amongst us. From the first interview we had with designer Mohammed Bana, the strong undercurrent of the creative world became more and more apparent.

Perfected the art of wearing Ankara - Lisa Folawiyo TDS Africa Feature Lagos - #TDSCity2CoastSeries

It was a roller coaster from there with every designer I met and was introduced to, the list became longer and longer. Soon enough, I realized that I quickly became the student and learnt so much about the industry and the designers we have here. This also took me to learn more about the designers on the continent launching the Africa Features and being inspired and excited about their work. Not only did I look into designers but the whole industry. From our first Photography Series, to the Make-Up Artist Series, the Stylist Series and the Model Series, we, as TDS, have been so happy to share their stories and collate in one place the burgeoning industry that we have locally.

Photography Series #tdsphotoseries #mayissue

The idea was to create awareness and give those without a voice the opportunity to speak, share and advise others. The result is to not only to encourage upcoming fashion industry professionals out there but also to advise them of pitfalls others have gone through and how to overcome whatever challenge one may be facing. If you are a designer and you are struggling with fundis? Trust me, it’s a normal and has nothing to do with you being a novice. If you are trying to get the experience and knowledge as a photographer, there are people like Emmanuel JamboMagiq Lens, Thandiwe Muriu and Victor Peace, to name a few, to show you the way and teach you a few things through their experiences. Are you a model and feel like you are not sure of the path to take, you have the likes of Letoya Johnstone and Tina Masese to read about their experiences and learn from it.

Yaa's Styling [Images: Thandiwe Muriu]
Yaa’s Styling [Images: Thandiwe Muriu]
On the flip side, as fashion professional, the fact is you are starting a business and should treat it as one (we have mentioned this before). So if you are in the industry and want to learn about the Business of Fashion, you can start here. Financials and branding of your fashion business should not confuse or stress you out when many others have shared their journeys and tips.

We have a talented group of designers with us in our store and we thought that this month, we would like to dedicate it to them.

TDS is an open forum for all to learn and share with one another. If you are in the industry, you are certainly not alone. The online magazine was not all though. We took this magazine further and gave people the opportunity to now buy these products from the comfort of their homes. We have a talented group of designers with us in our store and we thought that this month, we would like to dedicate it to them. We have featured some of their background stories before. Such as Canvas and Kangas, Poetic Trends Jewelry, Iquira, Honey from the Moon (previously Zeebaan Designs), Zamoyo and the vibrant ladies from The Pink Savannah.

Ziko Afrika Collage 2
We also have a new batch whose stories we have not heard from such as Ikojn, Lulea, Ziko Afrika and the colorful beaded work from Katchy Kollections. We hope that in doing so, we can take stock with them and find out what they are up to and what new projects they are working on. We will also have them share their entrepreneurial journeys, business tips, how they built their brands and lessons they have learnt as they have grown.

At TDS, we always believe that there is something to learn, a means to grow (even when you cant see the road so clearly) and a story to tell (no matter how new you are to the market).

At TDS, we always believe that there is something to learn, a means to grow (even when you cant see the road so clearly) and a story to tell (no matter how new you are to the market). We hope that this series will inspire you and others, create a better understanding about the business and in the end, increase your general knowledge about the creative world in Kenya. I want to leave you with this quote as I wish you all a wonderful July. Remember though, stay warm.

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