Video Fashion Editorial Campaigns/Films we loved this year… 2013

Over the year, there have been some notable fashion editorial video campaigns that we have loved. We want to take this time to recap some of the those and share them with you here.

1. Dior: Versailles Campaign

The Château de Versailles, emblem of Dior’s tradition, hosts a new tale which brings to life the Dior Fall 2013 collection. The chateau and its park abound with well-kept secrets. The heart of the royal land conceals an extraordinary world of poetry and color: in the depth of its mysterious woods a secret garden blooms out of sight, inhabited by flower-women. From the Grand Trianon to the enchanted forest, Versailles becomes the picturesque backdrop of a dreamlike tale.

2. Kenzo

“For our Fall/Winter 13 collection video we wanted to pay reverence to a culture, rite and form that we have been obsessed with for a very long time. This film is an ode to Bollywood dancing. The movement, the choreography, the energy, the color – all of the elements that contribute to this traditional Indian style of dance is beautiful and we felt it the perfect way for us to express the intensity and spirit of the garments from our women’s Fall Winter collection. Three girls, nimble and elegant, move with an agile grace through the darkly room, lit only by the headlights of the cars and an oversize lamp, a reference to the powerful moon that looms over every movement. The all-seeing eye, a prominent print in the collection, tattooed now in the dancer’s palms alludes to the strength of extra vision, and also to a spiritual protection from above.” Carol and Humberto, creative directors of KENZO

3. Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Women Advertising Campaign

And, Action! Under the glare of the spotlight, and the watchful gaze of the casting director, nine young hopeful actresses take centre stage and prepare for their close ups. The hunter and the hunted, watching each other like wild beasts. One by one they are selected and cast aside like slides in an ever revolving carousel. A dance between reality and fiction, these women are not who you think they are…

Starring: Sophia Ahrens, Freja Beha, Caroline De Maigret, Malaika Firth, Kristine Froseth, Catherine McNeil, Amanda Murphy, Cameron Russell, Fei Fei Sun.

Photography: Steven Meisel

4. L’Invitation au Voyage- The Louis Vuitton Advertising Campaign

5. L’Invitation au Voyage- Venice Film from Louis Vuitton with David Bowie and Arizona Muse

6. Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2013

7. Once Upon a Time…by Karl Lagerfeld (short film)

8.Miu Miu Spring Summer 2013

Seven psychological portraits amplify all aspects of femininity, depicting a dreamy web of closeness and interpersonal relationships. The futuristic soundtrack created by Biosphere alludes to the immense universe that spins outside of the confinement of their bedroom.

Directed by Inez & Vinoodh
Starring: Malgosia Bela – Bette Franke – Martha Hunt – Doutzen Kroes – Adriana Lima – Arizona Muse – Tamara Weijenberg
“Biosphere – Cloudwalker III”
Written and Performed by Geir Jenssen
Published by Touch Music [MCPS]

9. Valentino Fall/Winter 2013- Where Wild Roses Grow 

10. Prada Candy L’eau

Prada presents a film by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola starring Léa Seydoux
Introducing the new fragrance Prada Candy L’Eau

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