Why it’s important to arm up – Photographers Association of Kenya (PAK)

Why it's important to arm up - Photographers Association of Kenya (PAK)

It’s incredible to see the growth of photographers in Kenya and the incredible talent. We have featured only a handful of Kenyan photographers doing great work, perhaps just to tease and encourage those who want to pick up a camera. As a photographer and consumer, it is important to understand the difference between who click as a hobby and those who click as a career. A good living can be made: a professional photographer can cost you anything between Kshs 60,000 (US$700) to Kshs 200,000 (US$2,500) per day, a fee which scales up for commercial purposes.

We have chosen to speak of the Photographers Association of Kenya (PAK) because as photographers increase, the need for unity and protection is key. PAK is the official organization representing those in the professional photographic industry seeking to provide one clear voice, campaigning on copyright, promoting the best practice through information sharing and networking opportunities.

As Migwa Nthigah stated “you woke and intentionally became a photographer, so be intentional with everything that you do.” PAK not only brings people in the industry together, they also part and parcel of organizing The Canon Kenya Photography Awards together with PAWA254 to recognize skill, talent and hard work among professional photographers and rising stars in Kenya.

Check out highlights from The Canon Kenya Photography Awards 2015.

PAK offers various benefits such as forums/training, insurance at a discounted rate for your gear in partnership with ICEA Lion, press cards with partnership with the Media Council of Kenya and discussion, learning and sharing opportunities, to name a few. How does PAK work? You can simply join as a member and be privy to all the benefits. PAK is open to photographers across the board-professionals, semi-pro, amateurs, students, and lovers of photography as well as partners who support the industry in various ways.

Something to look into, click here for more: Photographers Association of Kenya (PAK) Website

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