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There is something magical and exciting about a new year. New year brings new opportunities, new dreams, new goals, new ideas and new things to fall in love with. Well, we at TDS are also excited to present our new series for February and March 2019 as we look into new things we can all fall in love with when it comes to fashion and design in Kenya and Africa. But first, we hope you enjoyed our last series of 2018  “The Textile Series.” We had tons of fun and learnt so much about the textiles we have and what they mean to us and how they are being used. Check out the articles here.

Introducing “New Year – New Loves” a series about all things new. We will begin our journey into discovering what new designers we are excited about this and new collections coming out.  We will look into new ideas, new trends, new designers, new technology and what to expect in 2019. There is no better time than the beginning of the year to have a series like this simply because that is what TDS is all about at the end of the day. Yes, we discuss matters concerning fashion and design and educating as much as we can but we are also fundamentally a platform to create awareness and inform you on anything we get our hands on.

©Vlisco Powerful women, strong and independent – with an inner glow that echoes the beauty of their personal nature and the nature that surrounds them. Vlisco’s new campaign was shot in Benin, capturing the radiance of its women and the fascinating tradition of aso ebi with the latest Vlisco Dutch Wax collection, New Traditions.

One thing that has become clear over the years for fashion in Kenya and on the continent is that the idea of fast fashion for our designers is no longer a consideration. In fact, we see more and more of them going the route of slow fashion and making limited edition pieces for the savvy consumer. Why is this important? Well, we are all quite aware that the world is moving towards more ergonomic, economical and environmentally friendly ways of production, design and manufacturing. We care about the world we live so designers also care about the ‘carbon footprint’ of their designs.

In the Business of Fashion’s ‘State of Fashion 2019’ they highlight key consumer shifts taking place that we have noted above with the move to environmental issues and concerning quality over quantity purchases. They state the following: “younger generations’ passion for social and environmental causes has reached critical mass, causing brands to become more fundamentally purpose driven to attract both consumers and talents. Consumers from some, but not all markets, will reward players that take a strong stance on social and environmental issues beyond traditional CSR.” For more on this report: Read here

There is also a growing trend into minimalism in Kenya and the world at large actually with a focus on a good quality pieces versus the accumulation of low-grade quality pieces with 1 to 2 wears that cost nothing (or so we think). This is something we can be excited about because as we keep learning about the designers we have locally and on the continent, we can choose to invest in quality and we can sleep better knowing that we are not consuming and destroying our planet with cheaper wears. This is one trend this year that will definitely come out more and as you find these beauties – find what works for you and be glad to support a local brand and wear unique pieces. Think about it – better to have one high-grade quality leather handbag that will last years and be friendly to the environment than 10 artificial leather cheap handbags that last you only 3 months.

Speaking of ergonomics –the future of fashion brings forth incredible innovations and ideas that we can all get excited about. Times are changing and technology is our friend so anything convenient, informative and at a touch of a button is what we essentially adopt into our lives with ease – convenience, technology and fashion. Check out our Tech Fashion articles for more. Of course many of these require a heavier investment but it still worth looking into and seeing how we can plug in as a country to make fashion exciting, fresh, new and work for us.  Wearable tech, see more on the trends we covered here, will become the new normal. Fashion that informs, records and adjusts to your lifestyle is one we should embrace as a country and see how we can be part of such innovations as a means to grow our industry with changing times. What do you think would both represent us and our reality in fashion tech? Food for thought.

All things news also brings new great finds and events are one of the best places to get lost and discover what people have created and are showcasing. We got you covered. February also comes with the 9th Edition of the Zen Garden Fashion High Tea taking place this year on 16th February 2019. The list of designers showcasing is out so add this to your calendar. You know what else is happening in February? Design Indaba Festival – see more here. Taking place in the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town from 27th February to 1 March and with 32 speakers – we are excited to hear and see and be inspired by what will be showcased. We will keenly be watching and keeping you posted on all the latest developments. 

Without giving out too many spoilers – let’s get started!

PS: What are you looking forward to in 2019? Let us know in the comments below and have an awesome February and March.

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