And we are back! This time, with our last pick of 5 Kenyan photographers who have captured our soul, eyes and Instagram feed. Let us continue shall we?

  1. Brian Gathu (IG: @_brian_gathu)

Taking real life lifestyle and portrait images and turning them into stories. Going through his profile, we were taken into the lives of his subjects and felt closer to them. Portrait photography is definitely his forte and we love the fact that it feels we are getting a secrete glimpse into the lives of those he photographs. What we most enjoy is the fact that he captures both in studio and out in the field without losing his touch. Check out his photos below and be introduced to his people. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©BrianGathu

  1. Margaret Njeri Ngigi (IG:sheries_secrets)

Here is another portrait photographer we have to bring to your attention. Margaret Njeri Ngigi is our next feature and what makes her photography stand out is the feeling of texture, power and celebration of women over and above having a preety picture. She is a 21 year old photographer from Mombasa specialising in portrait and documentary photography. A storyteller with a mission, we were captured by a campaign shoot where she stated that “All lives should be respected and be cherished. Africans are NOT FOR SALE!” She worked on this campaign with Kof Motivation. We also thought we would share her game of fabrics shoot as well. Take a look and delve into her stories. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©MargaretNjeriNgigi

  1. Josh Bradshaw (IG: @call_me_maina)

A lover of natural light and manipulator of it through his lens, we were captured by this photographer (no pun intended) and his ability to showcase the faces of Nairobi using light as his favourite tool to create shadows and highlights. His photos show the vibrancy of these streets of ours and the diversity in characters. Nairobi is not boring and its people are as diverse as they come and clearly incredibily filled with creative. Take a look at his images and be taken into that world and get to know this Nairobi a little more. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©JoshBradshaw

  1. Joseph Baraza (IG:@josephbaraza)

Say hello to this creative photographer whose shots makes you stop and wonder. He is more of a fashion photographer combining lifestyle and product photography. Going through his portfolio you can spot some Kenyan designers whose products have been shot beautifully and take you on a journey – well – a journey to buy the items. Check out his work here. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©JosephBaraza


  1. William Ndege (IG: @Mageto)

Last but not least, we bring you Mageto – William Ndege – a Portrait photographer that brings you something extra. We were especially drawn to his work with Mumbi Keziah immersed in water holding a lantern and his use of props to capture the essence of his models. Check out his images below and his video taking you into his world. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©WilliamNdege


The power of photography is in being able to tell your own story and capture a unique angle to the way you see the world or how you want to communicate a message. We have truly enjoyed finding these 10 photographers and delving into their worlds. We have such talent in this country, we could have done a list of 20 photographers we have fallen in love with. Hope you have enjoyed and possibly found someone who inspires you or perhaps someone you will work with because at the end of the day – we grow together as we support each other. Tell us below who your favourite has been and if there is someone we need to feature – comment down below.

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