There is no doubt that the amount of talented photographers in the country is growing and it’s got us all excited to show off what we have found. So we decided to bring you our top ten photographers that we believe you should look out for. We believe that these are one the ones to watch this year and yes, it is quite a male dominated list and thereby a male dominated industry but that is an article for another day. Of course, there are many more out there but these are the ones we found and they stole our hearts. These ten photographers are all based in Kenya and doing amazing work so let’s begin this list. Part I – our first five.

  1. Emmanuel Thuo (IG: @emmanuelthuo)

Emmanuel is a self-taught independent photographer with a focus on conceptual and modern-contemporary photography and arts. His portfolio covers fashion, commercial shoots, portraits, travel photography and conceptual images with a message. We also took note of the PSA photos such as the “self-consciousness” image where Emmanuel described is as a project to depict how we should raise our children by educating and building their self-esteem. Here a few of his stunning images. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©Emmanuel Thuo

  1. Brian Siambi (IG:@urbanskript)

Brian Siambi is an editorial, commercial and travel photographer. His love for the arts started though illustrations. He then became a graphic designer, which led to his interest in fashion photography. He has worked with the likes of Adele Dejak, Republi.KE, Chichia x Asos Collaboration Lookbook and Ichyulu Online Store. He states that his “focuses on capturing fashion and travel in its element. I love natural light and shadows and how it forms interesting light against my subjects.” Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©Brian Siambi

  1. Erick Manyara Mochache (IG: @emsquared.ke)

Dreamy. In one word, that is how we felt looking through his portfolio. His photos take you to another place, world and time. EMSquared (Erick Manyara Mochache) is a visual artist who aims at transforming normal, everyday situation into fantasy and art.” With a combination of fashion, Avant Garde and colour, I aim to create art through photography and film.” Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©EMsquared.KE

  1. Tenza Gonzanga (IG: @rainoftenza)

There is crispness to his images and with a focus on portraits and beauty, he is definitely one to watch. His photography comprises street fashion, architecture, conceptual fashion and portraits. What captured us the most was his “Black Excellence” shoot which he described it as “African is rich, African doesn’t crack or worry about old age, African is just solid Gold. However, growing up being black wasn’t cool. How could it be? It’s quite humbling that Africans can now appreciate and love our Colour.” Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©Tenza Gonzanga

  1. Keef Photography (IG: @keefphotography)

Founded in November 2013, Arthur Keef ventured in beauty, glamour, fashion portraiture and nude photography (we have your attention now? J ) He definitely has a unique photography style making him one of the most sought out photographers. This is what he says: “My goal has never been to shoot everyone, my goal is to give my services to those who love and appreciate the work I put out . I am on a long creative journey and this is only the beginning” Take a look at his work. Images subject to copyright – Courtesy of ©KeefPhotography

Are you ready for the next 5? Part II coming up…

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